Police Track Your Digital “Scent” Without a Warrant

Cell Phones TrackingAn interesting appeals court ruling recently came down where the police have been given the right to track people of interest in real-time via  cell phone without obtaining a search warrant.  This is a bit odd seeing as earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of the fourth amendment for the police to track cars via GPS without a warrant.  Now, I’m all for allowing the police to effectively do their job to catch real criminals.  What I have a problem with is when they use their power to unjustly intimidate normal law abiding citizens.  I can see this new power being used for the good of the community, but also I see it being heavily abused as well.

It all stemmed from a case where the police tracked a drug dealer by (what he thought was untraceable) his burner phone and eventually caught him with lots of drugs in his possession.  Many people think these so called “burner” phones that are sold in gas stations and grocery stores are untraceable if paid for with cash.  Obviously, not the case.  Regardless, I see the intentions of giving the police this power are good.  But, what happens when your family member or friend has their privacy invaded for not good reason and there’s no judge to stop it…something to think about…

Source: Maximum PC | Appeals Court Empowers Police to Track Suspects by Cell Phone Sans Warrant.

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