Valve Engineer Praises Linux Over Windows for Gaming

Valve LinuxValve has begun the transition over to Linux for hardcore gaming, an OS previously ridden with limited video card driver support and reduced 3D gaming performance.  Over the past few years, popular distributions of Linux, such as Ubuntu, have gained mainstream popularity and with that has come better driver support from the top video card manufacturers.

As the dust settles on the Windows 8 release, Valve has made it known that they are leaning towards Linux.  First, CEO Gabe Newell called Windows 8 a “catastrophe for everyone in the PC space.”  Now, Valve engineer Drew Bliss believes that Linux is “more viable” in the PC gaming space since Microsoft has taken a locked down, more ‘Apple’-like, approach with applications on Windows 8.

With Linux gaining mainstream acceptance, Valve has positioned itself for the coming rise in Linux gamers.  It has ported its popular Steam gaming network over to Linux, currently in limited beta.  They are actively looking for Linux beta testers and continue to show support for the transition.

Source: Valve Engineer Praises Linux Over Windows for Gaming | Maximum PC.

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