Google Launches Native Maps For iOS

Google Maps IconFinally,  the app we’ve all been waiting for (I know I’m a little late): Google Maps!  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Apple and Google broke off their partnership a year early and that starting with iOS 6, Apple no longer has Google apps pre-installed.  First, Google released the YouTube app, just before the iPhone 5 went on sale.  Many people were disappointed that Google Maps was not available at launch.  Wait no more: Google Maps and YouTube are now the top apps in the App Store.  (I was one of those people who waited because of Google Maps.  I was still rockin’ my 3GS!)

The one thing I still don’t like is that Apple locks down the default apps for various actions.  This is all too reminiscent of the old Microsoft anti-trust lawsuit and the European Union competition case over Internet Explorer being bundled together with Windows as the default browser.  As a result of those cases, Windows now supports setting a default browser other than Internet Explorer and the world is a better place for it.  Apple needs to allow a default browser, default email, and a default maps handler (and even a default phone application, but that is not as vital) to be set in the iOS settings.  I would even condone a stricter app approval process for apps that wish to be identified as default action handlers.  I understand they’re trying to protect their empire, but I believe the iOS community will be better for it.

Source: Google Launches Native Maps For iOS, And Here’s The Deep Dive On Navigation, Info Sheets And More | TechCrunch.

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